Leadership institutes

Our collaborative process and embodied approach produces fresh and effective sessions for institutes and their clients

"Their method lends itself to feedback and insight about leading, following, improvising and influencing, while being simple and easy enough that everybody can do it."


We work with leadership institutes and business schools on their regular and bespoke programmes. Collaborative, open and curious, we liaise closely with you to develop and deliver sessions that marry your unique offering to our embodied approach. This process enables your participants to gain fresh insight within an excellent learning environment.

We draw on singing, conducting, movement and mindfulness to help participants engage physically and emotionally, as well as intellectually. Whether we're delivering sessions on managing risk, developing presence or deepening influence, our ‘embodied’ approach enables your clients to be more effective by leading and interacting with their full selves.

"Kamala has a great personal presence and was in absolute control of her subject matter. Her session added great value to the programme."
Senior Consultant, Roffey Park Institute

Our experiential work is underpinned by skilled facilitation. Through reflection and incisive discussion, we enable participants to explore their responses and impact both personally and collectively. By generating insight and greater self-awareness, we help participants to respond more consciously and effectively when they're back at work.

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Our sessions may involve more or less singing, depending on the purpose of the workshop and nature of the group. As singing is the tool, not the outcome, the quality of the singing is of no consequence. Everyone is able to participate fully, regardless of musical ability.

To find out more about our work with leadership institutes drop us a line or call Kamala on +44 (0) 7989 976 316.