Our Approach

We use experiential tools like singing and conducting to
generate insight into personal and collective behaviour

"Conducting was an excellent tool – it created so much rich data on leadership and being led. There's something much more acute about it compared to other methods I've tried."


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Our approach is dynamic, bespoke and challenging. We takes people out of their comfort zones, and into a place of challenge or ‘stretch’. As recent research shows, this is the point at which most of us learn best and most memorably.

We focus on experiential learning, using singing and conducting as key tools. With skilful facilitation, we enable leaders to discuss and debrief their experiences, gain insight and develop skills. No musical ability is needed to benefit fully. Our mission is to develop effective leaders, not musicians!

"Using singing was fun, connected the group in a different way, and resulted in useful feedback and insight about communicating and influencing."
Senior Consultant, Roffey Park Institute

How people feel when asked to sing often provides swift insight into how they feel in challenging, exposing or pressured situations at work. We help them notice and inspect these feelings and behaviours. And, by developing their self-awareness, our clients are better equipped to make the impact they want.

Singing not only develops self-awareness, it instantly illuminates interpersonal dynamics. It's a powerful metaphor for teamwork, and we capitalise on this to sharpen people’s awareness of their impact on each other, whether verbally or in their body language. From astute listening to responding with agility, we draw on fundamental aspects of singing to help clients collaborate more easily and effectively.

Five key reasons we use singing in leadership

  1. The process of singing simultaneously connects the intellectual, physical and emotional self. We use this rare quality to enable leaders to think differently about how they show up, and to lead with greater presence and clarity.
  2. Singing creates an experience of risk and uncertainty, but within a supportive forum. And, like business, it unfolds in real time and with an uncertain outcome. We use this experience to help leaders gain insight into how they manage uncertainty, ambiguity and change at work.
  3. Skills and behaviours critical to our changing business climate are
    naturally developed through singing – from authentic communication to creative thinking and agile leadership.
  4. Singing and performance provide powerful techniques that help people communicate more effectively, from strategic breathing to voice projection.
  5. Singing is a great leveller. With everyone in the same boat, both real and imagined barriers are stripped away, resulting in engaged, insightful and honest discussion of personal and team behaviour. Research also shows that oxytocin is released into the bloodstream as people sing, which in turn induces feelings of trust.

Drop us a line to find out more. We'd be delighted to discuss how our approach can help you whether you're an individual, organisation, leadership institute or event planner, or are interested in a research partnership.