One-to-one coaching

We help people become compelling leaders and clear
communicators through one-to-one, personalised coaching

"My breathing and pace have really improved, and I'm finding it so much easier to lead confidently, and let my own personality come through."


Our personalised sessions help you lead with clarity, confidence and authenticity. We work intensively with you to understand your specific challenges and help you experiment with new tools and ideas, stretch your capabilities, and capitalise on your unique talents.

Clients come to us both privately and on referral from their organisations. We offer coaching in person and via Skype, depending on your needs. All our sessions are personalised to specific needs for maximum relevance and benefit. Popular areas include:

  • Developing greater leadership presence
  • Influencing with confidence, clarity and impact
  • Delivering dynamic pitches and presentations
  • Managing criticism and difficult interactions
  • Delivering honest, respectful feedback – and ensuring it's heard
  • Clarifying values and pursuing them at work and home
  • Communicating specialist messages to non-specialist audiences
  • Delivering powerful media interviews

Coaching sessions are usually held on a one-to-one basis with our director, Kamala Katbamna, MAC. Kamala is an experienced coach and Member of the Association for Coaching. She works with a range of tools and models including GROW and SPACE, and draws particularly on vocal and physical techniques. Kamala's approach is always client-led to help you make the changes and impact you want.

"I now have an insight to my voice, which I previously did not have. And I've been taught lasting techniques which I can use and improve on, strengthening my communication skills still further."
Client, Civil Service

How it works 

Each practical session includes discussion, exercises and feedback to help you develop the skills you need to excel as a communicator and leader.

We agree practical actions with you at the end of each session so that you can move forward, gain confidence, and make continuous improvement. Our tailored support helps you monitor progress between workshops, enabling you to stay on track, notice difficulties and measure achievements. Every session includes dedicated time to trouble-shoot challenges, celebrate success and identify next steps. 

All our sessions are bespoke. We undertake a full briefing with you in advance of the sessions to determine your needs and objectives, and ensure a successful programme. Drop us a line to find out more or to request a free, no-obligation 'chemistry call'.

Our sessions are ideal for both senior and emerging leaders, and particularly for people who: 

  • are making a leap in seniority
  • want to develop greater personal presence
  • want to communicate with greater confidence, clarity and impact
  • need to do public speaking, chair meetings or engage with the media
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"What I learned was equally balanced between the physiological and psychological. I learned how to recognise my body's reaction to breathing, and how to do something with that to achieve the timbre and tone I wanted. And what naturally came up was the psychological change. The difference in my behaviour during presentations and conversations. The gift that pausing while talking gives to the dialogue. The way that breathing properly creates a space that includes everybody."
Client, Global Strategy Director

Coaching is available both to organisations and private individuals (for whom we offer a discount). We also work with small groups of up to four people. We keep the groups small so we can offer personalised training that is relevant to and effective for each participant. We often run an initial series of six sessions to embed learning and maximise benefit, but always work to your needs.

Take a look at a case study, call Kamala on +44 (0) 7989 976 316 or drop us a line to find out more.