Chirp workshop

Risk-taking for Change Makers workshop at Spark 2016

My workshop for Spark the Change London is on Thursday 7th July. The session will help delegates exercise their risk-taking 'muscles' to create positive change within their organisations. The hands-on session will use singing and conducting to provide a practical experience of risk, and of leading and being led through change.

Adventures in Leadership: how to take risks and be resilient

Kamala Katbamna leadership and communication workshop for Chirp

We're excited to announce a collaborative workshop with Relume in Spring 2015. The hands-on, practical day will help you 'learn by doing' as you explore risk and resilience at work.

This event is an intimate experience for senior and emerging leaders who are looking for new ways to lead in increasingly complex, uncertain and fast paced organisations .

We will use singing and conducting to create an experience of risk-taking, leading and being led through change. You will have the opportunity to experiment and take new risks in a safe environment, and to receive feedback from the group. You will also be able to reflect on your experiences to generate new learning as a basis for change.

Embracing more risk and vulnerability can also invoke emotions in those around you. So we'll also explore what it means to be resilient, and identify personal practices that let you thrive at work.

The day will be fun, inclusive and energising. And, as ever with Chirp, you don't need any musical ability to participate fully. There are just 12 places available – drop us a line to find out more and register your interest.