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We worked with UK Government to develop highly effective and courageous leaders from across the organisation

"A truly unique insight into leadership. Every delegate has walked away with the awareness of how they lead, and the skills and tools to improve."


The challenge

The organisation had recently begun a wide-ranging transformation process help them get the best from their people. We were asked to help them develop four key aspects:

  • effective leadership at all levels
  • strategic risk-taking and experimentation
  • constructive feedback between colleagues
  • storytelling to engage colleagues in a vision for change

The solution

We delivered a series of bespoke half-day and full-day sessions for small groups of 8-12 delegates. The sessions combined theory with hands-on experience and practical techniques to enable delegates to:

  • Use storytelling to engage colleagues in their vision and organisational goals
  • Give, receive and critically engage with effective, in-the-moment feedback
  • Develop greater personal presence
  • Find and develop their own, most effective leadership style
  • Exercise their risk-taking muscle to help them take more strategic risks
  • Gain and adapt a toolbox of physical and psychological leadership techniques and adapt them to their needs
  • Develop greater personal resilience

Within each session the group quickly learned a song, and then experienced leading each other through a simple change. We used conducting as a rich metaphor for leadership,  enabling delegates to gain immediate insight into:

  • their personal leadership style and response to other styles
  • their approach to personal risk and collective experimentation
  • how they give and respond to honest, in-the-moment feedback
  • how they use stories to engage colleagues

As with all our work, no musical experience was needed to participate fully.

Each session included an overview of relevant research, and closed with dedicated time for reflection and future plans. The delegates identified specific actions that will help them put their learning into practice and shared these with the group, committing to how, when, where and with whom they would implement them. They then teamed up with a fellow delegate who would offer support, challenge and hold them to account.


The sessions enabled the delegates to learn about their personal responses to different leadership styles, develop and hone specific skills, and practice different techniques that they could adapt to their needs. The delegates reported that they had taken their learning out of the session by putting specific techniques into practice, taking strategic risks, and supporting and feeding back to each other.


"We were delighted with the course, and the feedback received since being back in the office has been brilliant. In fact at least two of the attendees have already said that, as a direct result of the course, they have taken risks this week – and afterwards been pleased that they did!”
Change Manager, UK Gov

"Kamala has been working with us to develop our leadership skills. She offers a truly unique insight into leadership styles, using choir singing and conducting as perfect analogies. Getting grown, serious adults from different backgrounds to feel comfortable expressing raw emotion through singing is feat enough. But Kamala enables delegates to push themselves further as each person then conducts the others, leading them to deliver their own vision. This moment of stepping up to lead, with your colleagues' eyes starring, all feeling outside their own comfort zone, now looking to you for direction, is one-of-a-kind. Must be the closest I will get to giving an inspiring half-time team talk to win the football world cup! Learning how to take people on a journey through storytelling to make your vision personal to others and giving them ownership has been a really powerful technique that we were able to practice and hone through Kamala's workshops. Kamala has now run several successful workshops for my department and, each time, every delegate has walked away with the awareness of how they lead, and the skills and practical tools to improve. Excellent!" 
Innovation Lead, UK Gov

"Kamala's energy and unique learning style was very engaging, interactive and effective. Never did I think I would sing in front of my work colleagues. I wish there were more courses like this."
Delegate - leadership session, UK Gov

"The course is an effective one day workshop. I particularly liked exploring the power and impact of storytelling and have since used this in the workplace environment, which has already shown positive results."
Delegate - leadership session, UK Gov

"Well organised and excellently presented. Kamala really knows herself."
Delegate– leadership session, UK Gov

"Excellent, I learned more than expected."
Delegate – leadership session, UK Gov

"A fantastic trainer, really empathetic."
Delegate– leadership session, UK Gov

"Effective, warm and friendly, she created a comfortable environment allowing us to engage and learn with the material and topic."
Delegate – leadership session, UK Gov