We focus on the voice and body to develop insight and skills, from strategic risk-taking to authentic communication

"It really helped to bring the team together, in a way other activities have often failed to do. I've already noticed a tangible improvement in collaboration across the department."


We work within your organisation to help you develop compelling leaders and inspired teams. Whether we’re working with multiple leadership cohorts or individual teams, our programmes are challenging, inclusive and effective. We work in close consultation with you to isolate the issues, develop a solution, and find the right format – be it digital learning, residential face-to-face courses, workshops for specific functions or levels, or something else entirely.

"Chirp challenged us to examine the qualities of trust and courage, which are key to enabling our Agile teams to honestly inspect and adapt the way they work. Both qualities were put well and truly to the test in a fun and innovative session. It was valuable for us all."
Advertising Programme Lead, FT Technology,

Our sessions are experiential, and use the voice and body to generate insight. Many involve learning a song and then using it in a range of bespoke exercises. Some are designed to unlock self-awareness and understanding – of how we manage uncertainty or change, for example. Others centre on practical techniques that can be easily applied at work, such as strategic breathing and voice projection. This practical experience is underpinned by skilled facilitation, enabling colleagues to learn and develop through reflection, discussion and feedback. This process helps participants unpack their experience and apply the insight it generates back at work.

Read about some of the sessions we've recently delivered for clients below. To find out more drop us a line or call Kamala on +44 (0) 7989 976 316. We’d be delighted to discuss how we can create a programme that’s right for you. 


Chirp Kamala Katbamna leadership communication coaching risk resilience

Risk-taking for Leaders

Learn to take strategic risks and experiment fast to avoid inertia and lead effective change 

  • Understand your personal response to risk, uncertainty and ambiguity 

  • Develop your capacity to test, experiment and learn swiftly and without ego 

  • Lead others confidently and responsively through challenge and change 

Chirp Kamala Katbamna leadership communication coaching feedback risk resilience

Conducting Leadership

Learn to lead with greater influence and impact by 'conducting' your fellow participants

  • Understand your own leadership style, and how you respond to others’

  • Use tone, expression and body language to engage both hearts and minds 

  • Engage with feedback with curiosity, honesty and respect

storytelling Chirp Kamala Katbamna leadership communication coaching feedback risk resilience

Compelling Storytelling

Learn to deliver compelling content by engaging people on an emotional level

  • Connect with the emotional core of your content

  • Align your words and delivery to deepen trust

  • Use breathing, posture and body language to communicate with clarity

innovation Chirp Kamala Katbamna leadership communication coaching feedback risk resilience

Invention Lab

Inspire creativity and provoke fresh thinking to retain or regain an innovative edge

  • Improvise, test and adapt in a fast learning loop

  • Build personal and collective confidence in each person’s capacity for creative thought

  • Create an environment conducive to sparking and sharing new ideas

Chirp Kamala Katbamna leadership communication coaching feedback risk resilience

Lead with the Body

Learn to reconnect with your body to make clearer choices and the impact you want  

  • Develop greater personal presence

  • Understand your personal response to challenge, and how to approach it with focus and agility

  • Be more aware of the visual and verbal signals you give and receive for greater clarity and influence

Chirp Kamala Katbamna leadership communication coaching feedback risk resilience

Effective feedback

Create a culture of relevant, timely and clear feedback that promotes positive change

  • Learn how to ask for, offer and engage with feedback both effectively and promptly

  • Gain insight into your personal response to praise and challenge

  • Gain confidence to request, offer and receive regular feedback