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"The session got us 'doing' rather than 'thinking', so we were able to experience a real leadership scenario. And because it was so different from day-to-day experiences, I was able to see the link between my actions and the group's responses really clearly. It was fun, refreshing and inspiring."


Effective Storytelling for Work

Date: Saturday 22nd October 2016, 10.30am-1.30pm (registration from 10.15am)

Venue:  The Poetry School, 81 Lambeth Walk, London, SE11 6DX

Tickets: £45 in advance

Booking closes: Friday 7 October 2016

Learn to tell a compelling story to colleagues, clients and customers in our fast-paced, practical workshop.

Neuroscience shows that stories engage people on a deeper level than facts alone. Channelling emotion breathes life into key messages. It helps your listeners empathise with your motivations. And it helps them take the action you want.


Our half-day session will help you to:

• Put yourself at the heart of your story of your product, company, idea or career

• Capture your audience on an emotional level in meetings, pitches, chats and interviews

• Enable your listeners to respond to your story by taking the action you want

• Be more open and less afraid, whether you’re talking to a colleague, client or new contact

• Speak with greater presence by aligning what you say with how you say it

And remember why you cared about your idea, product or job in the first place.

As usual, you don't need any musical experience to take part, and there'll be no solos!


The session will involve:

• Using singing to access a range of emotions and bring them to the fore of your storytelling

• Using conducting to learn in real time how people respond to your stories

• Giving and getting in-the-moment feedback to help you learn fast, adapt and improve

• Learning physical tools to help you tell a compelling story with confidence

• Practising with real stories about your idea, company, product, job or career change


This session is for you if:

• You lead or engage others in change at any level

• You want to deliver a more compelling vision to colleagues, clients and customers

• You want to be a more effective and influential communicator at work

Please note that the session will be photographed to help us document our work. In booking your place you consent to be filmed and photographed during the session and understand that this may appear in our publicity materials.

Risk-taking for Change Makers at Spark 2016

Date: Thursday 7 July 2016

Venue: The Brewery, 52 Chiswell St, Barbican, London EC1Y 4SD

Tickets: Spark the Change 2016

We're delighted to be back at Spark the Change in July with a session on risk-taking in organisations.

Many people now work in a climate that’s volatile and uncertain (not to mention the rest of the VUCA acronym). But it's also one that can be full of exciting possibilities – if you’re willing to take a risk. Practising courage and exercising your risk-taking ‘muscles’ will help you to pursue those opportunities, and create positive change within your organisation.

Our fun and fast-paced session for Spark will help you experiment, learn fast and move forward with greater courage and resilience. The workshop will use singing and conducting to create a practical experience of risk, and of leading and being led through change. Each person will have the excitement and difficulty of creating and leading an experiment, engaging with constructive critique, and being part of a group trying to interpret and respond to change.

The hands-on, interactive session will help you:
• explore your personal relationship with risk
• gain the courage to experiment faster and more frequently
• develop your ability to get fast, honest feedback on your ideas
• develop your ability to offer challenge and dissent both constructively and in the moment
• learn practical tools to improve your personal resilience

The session will close with practical actions to help you experiment more sustainably and learn faster back at work. No musical experience needed!

Please note that places are limited for this session in order to ensure the most effective learning environment.

"The conducting was brilliant – it made me much more aware of how much my body language impacts on what I'm trying to achieve. It was an extremely effective approach to developing leaders."
Participant, Conducting Leadership

Conducting Leadership

Gain greater influence, impact and self-awareness as a leader through our popular, hands-on workshop. This half-day session uses conducting as a metaphor for leadership to help you test, experiment and learn in the moment. You'll have the chance to develop your own skills while also interpreting and responding to the leadership of others.


  • Engage others to share your vision and deliver it with passion
  • Learn to use breathing to power your physical and mental presence
  • Understand how others perceive your non-verbal signals
  • Learn to give, receive and request clear, in the moment feedback
  • Develop your own leadership toolbox by experimenting with different ways of directing, inspiring and motivating others
  • Learn within a fast feedback loop of testing, adapting and improving

Choral conducting requires presence and authenticity. It places strong emphasis not only on what you say, but on how you embody it. Story-telling, vocal tone, breathing, posture and body language are critical. Our session capitalises on this experience to help you gain new skills while honing your personal leadership style. Feedback is also key to conducting, and the session. We'll help you to give, receive and request clear, in the moment feedback as you explore your own and others’ leadership.

Conducting Leadership is 3.5 hours, and will run in Central London. There are 10 places available. We're offering this workshop at £99/person as we'd like to make it accessible particularly to people working in the public and third sectors who may have limited training budgets. Contact us if you’d like to find out more or register your interest. The session will involve singing and directing the group through a song, but no musical ability is needed to participate in full.