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case study

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case study


One-to-one case study

Our personalised approach helped our client communicate more effectively and confidently at work

"From our initial session I knew that Kamala could help me. Her dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism are outstanding."


Our client wanted to transform his communication skills to help him communicate more effectively, confidently, and authentically. Following an initial consultation, we designed and delivered eight, personalised 90-minute sessions on a one-to-one basis.

The challenge

Over a period of many years, our client had struggled with presentations, meetings, interviews and one-to- one conversations. Despite clear talents and abilities, he found himself frequently misunderstood, frustrated, at times undermined and, perhaps worse, underestimated.

A lack of confidence in his voice and communication skills had been compounded over many years in a negative cycle. Under-confidence impacted his ability to communicate effectively, while communication issues further lowered his confidence.

Now taking on fresh and ever greater challenges, our client felt he needed to break this cycle and replace it with sustainable solutions that would enable him to move forward. Key goals included:

  • developing greater presence
  • speaking with greater clarity to be better understood by colleagues
  • enjoying greater confidence in his voice and himself
  • being able to engage confidently with colleagues – and to ‘feel taller’

The solution

Following an initial consultation, we agreed a set of clear goals with the client. We then designed and delivered an intensive programme of personalised sessions focused on embodied, authentic communication. Each session introduced new concepts, while linking to and building on previous learning. These were delivered at weekly intervals to maintain focus, momentum and motivation.

The programme combined closely observed conversation and presentation with physical and vocal exercises, intensive discussion, self-reflection, and feedback. At the close of each session the client committed to three actions to help him communicate more effectively. Practical, specific and personal, our client implemented these changes each week, noting their effect both internally and on his interactions with others. Impact, challenges, and progress were discussed at the next session, with trouble-shooting and adaptations made to ensure the most effective application of personal learning.

Our client already possessed excellent listening, empathetic and responsiveness skills. Consequently, we focused on his own delivery – in both words and body language. This involved a series of key steps, some practical; some psychological:

  • Developing his awareness and understanding of his voice and body language
  • Developing his awareness of how his particular communication style impacts how he is perceived and understood
  • Examining the reasons, physical and psychological, behind his relationship with his voice and communication style
  • Enabling him to explore, adapt and adopt practical and psychological interventions to change his relationship with his voice, how he communicates with others, how he is perceived, and how he perceives himself
  • Enabling him over time to live those changes as innate, integrated and natural means of communication

Each session included physical and vocal exercises grounded in the principles of singing. These practical interventions enabled the client to speak more effectively, and with greater presence and authenticity. Each exercise was followed by reflection, discussion and feedback to establish impact, adaptations that may be required, and how he would integrate the learning into daily life. Designed to meet his specific needs, the exercises included work on:

  • Breathing technique to create time to think and ensure cogent delivery
  • Full abdominal breathing to maintain clear and calm delivery, particularly in challenging circumstances
  • Breath control to project the voice correctly, enabling clarity and presence without needing to raise the voice
  • Posture to create a strong stance and develop presence
  • Body language to his imbue words with their intended meaning and authenticity
  • Tone and expression to imbue words with meaning and build authenticity


The client noted significant changes in his voice, his ability to be heard and understood, and his confidence levels – asserting that he now felt ‘empowered’. He also reported that other people had commented positively on improvements in his communication skills.

Specific changes reported by our client included:

  • Slower speech, resulting in better understanding and enabling each phrase to ‘land’
  • Clearer diction, tone and expression, resulting in greater clarity, impact, and alignment between the meaning and delivery of his words
  • Stronger posture, enabling him to feel more fully present and develop greater presence
  • The ability to project his voice, creating greater clarity and impact without raised volume
  • A deeper understanding of his relationship with his voice, how that has developed, and how it has impacted on his communications skills
  • Far greater confidence in his voice and in himself: “these sessions have given me my voice back”.


“As a 45 year old man, I have never been a confident speaker and people have always asked me to speak up, especially when giving presentations at work – something I would dread.

From our initial session, I knew that Kamala could help me. Her dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism are outstanding. We immediately bonded as she made me feel at ease and less self-conscious. I was steered onto a path of discovery: learning how to breathe properly, correcting my posture, and looking at the reasons why I don’t project my voice.

Kamala always goes one step further; an excellent coach, she’s intuitive and sees your hidden voice. Kamala helped me realise my potential and, at the times I was frustrated with my progress, she was always there guiding and supporting me and never letting me lose sight of my improvement.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to her. I now have an insight to my voice, which I previously did not have. And I’ve been taught lasting techniques which I can use and improve on, strengthening my communication skills still further.”
Client, one-to-one sessions