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"Kamala has been working with us to develop our leadership skills. She offers a truly unique insight into leadership styles, using choir singing and conducting as perfect analogies. Getting grown, serious adults from different backgrounds to feel comfortable expressing raw emotion through singing is feat enough. But Kamala enables delegates to push themselves further as each person then conducts the others, leading them to deliver their own vision. This moment of stepping up to lead, with your colleagues' eyes starring, all feeling outside their own comfort zone, now looking to you for direction, is one-of-a-kind. Must be the closest I will get to giving an inspiring half-time team talk to win the football world cup! Learning how to take people on a journey through storytelling, make your vision personal to others and give them ownership are really powerful techniques that we've been able to practice and hone through Kamala's workshops. Kamala has now run several successful workshops for my department and, each time, every delegate has walked away with the awareness of how they lead, and the skills and practical tools to improve. Excellent!" 
Innovation Lead, UK Gov


"Our workshop really helped to bring together the team in a way other activities have often failed to do. Singing as a group is a great leveller, that initially takes people out of their comfort zone. However, with the expert guidance of Chirp by the end we all felt a fantastic sense of collective achievement. I’ve already noticed a tangible improvement in collaboration across the department since.”
Director Corporate Brand & Marketing, Deloitte

Chirp Kamala Katbamna leadership communication coaching feedback risk resilience storytelling innovation

"Kamala recently ran a session to help participants improve their communication and influencing styles as part of Roffey Park's Personal Effectiveness and Power programme. Kamala has a great personal presence and was in absolute control of her subject matter. Her method of using singing was fun, connected the group in a different way, and resulted in useful feedback and insight about communicating and influencing. It was also simple and easy enough that everyone could do it – even if they thought they couldn’t! Kamala's session added great value to the programme."
Senior Consultant, Roffey Park Institute

"The Chirp session was brilliant, if not a little daunting! Not only was it a great team event but an incredibly useful way of challenging us to be bolder, more confident and take a few risks. This is an ethos we are trying to instil across the team and working with Kamala was a really effective way of challenging us to do things differently."
Partner, Cognosis Consulting

"In a truly energising session, Chirp challenged us to examine the qualities of trust and courage, which are key to enabling our Agile teams to honestly inspect and adapt the way they work. Both qualities were put well and truly to the test in a fun and innovative session. It was valuable for us all."
Advertising Programme Lead, FT Technology, FT.com

"We were delighted with the course, and the feedback received since being back in the office has been brilliant. In fact at least two of the attendees have already said that, as a direct result of the course, they have taken risks this week – and afterwards been pleased that they did!”
Change Manager, UK Gov

Chirp Kamala Katbamna leadership communication coaching feedback risk resilience storytelling innovation

"Kamala's energy and unique learning style was very engaging, interactive and effective. Never did I think I would sing in front of my work colleagues. I wish there were more courses like this."
Participant, Risk-taking for Change-makers, UK Gov

“Initially I was sceptical about the idea of singing as a way of learning about risk taking. However I found it was a great method of learning and experiencing the emotions of taking risks. If I'd had to spend a whole day learning the theory of risk taking, I don't think I would have felt as empowered or motivated as I did to take risks in the work place. I particularly liked exploring the power and impact of storytelling and have since used this in the workplace environment, which has already shown positive results."
Participant, Risk-taking for Change-makers, UK Gov

"Conducting was an excellent tool – it created so much rich data on leadership and being led. There's something much more acute about it as an experience compared to other methods I've tried. A fantastic session."
Participant, Conducting Leadership open session

“The session got us ‘doing’ rather than ‘thinking’, so we were able to experience a real leadership scenario. And because it was so different from day-to-day experiences, I was able to see the link between my actions and the group’s responses really clearly. It was fun, refreshing and inspiring.”
Participant, Conducting Leadership open session

"Conducting was a brilliant way to explore leadership. It made me much more aware of how much my body language impacts on what I'm trying to achieve. It was an extremely effective approach to developing leaders."
Participant, Conducting Leadership open session

Chirp Kamala Katbamna leadership communication coaching feedback risk resilience storytelling innovation

"As a 45 year old man, I have never been a confident speaker and people have always asked me to speak up, especially when giving presentations at work – something I would dread. From our initial session, I knew that Kamala could help me. Her dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism are outstanding. I now have new insight into my voice, and lasting techniques I can use and improve on to strengthen it still further."
Senior civil servant – one-to-one client

"I came to coaching with Kamala because I felt my voice lacked the depth and roundness that I so wanted it to have. I felt out of control of my voice, I felt it lacked weight, and I wanted to do something about it.

We worked together for a few months. And during this time what I learned was equally balanced between the physiological and psychological. I learned how to recognise my body's reaction to breathing, and how to do something with that to achieve the timbre and tone that I wanted. And, of course, because this is coaching, what naturally came up also was the psychological change. The difference in my behaviour during presentations and conversations. The gift that pausing while talking gives to the dialogue. The way that breathing properly creates a space that includes everybody.

I'm immensely grateful to Kamala for her time, dedication to her craft, and perhaps most of all for her friendly joyful enthusiasm for what she does. I have no doubt about recommending her to anybody."
Global Strategy Director – one-to-one client

"Thank you so much for the sessions – they were an incredible help. My breathing and pace have really improved, and I'm finding it so much easier to lead presentations and meetings confidently, and let my own personality come through." 
Solicitor – one-to-one client

"Kamala is quite simply a pleasure to work with and helped to bring an audience of 170 delegates to come out of their post lunch slump. She stepped up to our challenge and delivered a super energising session that got everyone involved. Thank you."
Organiser, CIPR Conference

"Chirp recently led a workshop at the beginning of an all member meeting of London City Selection (LCS); a marketing consortium of 23 of the leading venues and hotels in the City of London. The lively session was enjoyed by even the shyest members, and we went on to have a very positive meeting with high levels of engagement from the energised membership and lots of positive and creative input. It was a very worthwhile session and I would highly recommend Chirp sessions to engage and draw out the best in a group of people."
Chair, London City Selection

"One of the most valuable and fun sessions at the conference."
Participant, Conducting Leadership workshop for Spark the Change 2015

"All About People 2014 – Creating Amazing Workplaces was designed to bring together people from a range of backgrounds. With Chirp opening the event, we aimed to get everyone connecting, communicating, thinking differently and – importantly – smiling. This was done in style, with Kamala really setting the tone for things to come. I’m eternally grateful to Chirp for playing such a major part in the first All About People event. At 8:55 there was a ripple of ‘ I’ m not singing’ doing the rounds, but by 9:02 everyone was in full song, confidently and without question – a testament to what Chirp does! Everyone absolutely loved the Chirp session and committing to change actions. We've all gone away and started work on them already. It was great to have something so unique and engaging at an event that set out to be exactly that. I’ll be moving heaven and earth to work with Chirp again."
Director, All About People 2014

“Our session with Kamala was a fantastic experience. We all came away from it enthralled, proud, happier and enlightened. Kamala is an amazing facilitator – warm-hearted, humorous, engaging, understanding, patient and encouraging. I would wholeheartedly recommend Chirp and their unique approach to increase your team's confidence and collaboration. Kamala helps you to relax and forget your self-consciousness, and connect with your natural ability to work as a team to achieve.”
Internal Communications & Engagement Officer, Cancer Research UK

"I just wanted to say thank you for the session on Wednesday. I was slightly apprehensive about whether people would want to participate and how it would work with such a large group in such a short space of time. I was so impressed that you had everyone singing and enjoying themselves so
quickly. It was a very effective exercise, bringing everyone to work together in a really novel way. It ended our staff away day on a high."
CEO, Age UK, Lewisham & Southwark

“Chirp came in to lead a session at our away day. Singing as a group was a great leveller – it allowed everyone to participate and build something bigger than themselves. We were amazed at what we learned and achieved in the time.”

"Many thanks again for your amazing work last Friday. Lots of positive
feedback – but the quality of the grand finale said it all."
Design Museum